Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Snow Removal

P.C.U. Enterprises Lawn & Grounds Maintenance offers Snow Removal services to to Biddeford, Saco, and surrounding York County communities in Southern Maine. Snow services include plowing and snow blowing of driveways. We also clear front of mailboxes, walkways, paths to oil and propane filler caps if required as part of seasons service. Salt / Sand mixture is also applied to residential customer driveways as needed to improve traction after freezing rain or thaw & re-freeze conditions.

Why Choose Us For Snow Removal?

We have been in the Lawn & Grounds Maintenance business going on thirty four years and bring much experience to Snow Removal services. We take on a limited number of customers annually so we highly recommend those requiring our services call early.

We have found through the years that many consumers gravitate to the lowest price for such services only to regret it when low ballers in the business cannot keep up with the demand of a major storm. This is rather unfortunate because we often get calls from dissatisfied customers desperately seeking a contractor in the middle of a major snow event. This can be the absolute worst time to locate a contractor to dig them out since most reputable well established contractors are generally booked for the season.

It is also not at all uncommon for consumers to call for Snow Removal services when the weatherman predicts the first major storm of the season. Perhaps some believe we will have a mild winter and not require such services at all. Unfortunately – in Maine this well known approach to perhaps save money usually proves to be not so wise at all and rather foolhardy.

Who Is Our Customer?

We at P.C.U. Enterprises Lawn & Grounds Maintenance have been blessed with wonderful, loyal, and discerning customers through the years. They know and appreciate that our livelihood is demanding at best and choose to support us because we work hard for them. they know and have the ability to appreciate that we often work in conditions that you would not leave your pet in for more than 5 minutes.

Service Areas:

P.C.U. Enterprises primarily offers Snow Removal services in Biddeford, Saco, and surrounding York County communities. Call us if you are ready for good old fashioned No Nonsense services where the owners are always on the job!

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