Pruning - Trimming ShrubsPruning Trimming Shrubs PCU Enterprises Southern Maine 36 Years!

PLEASE NOTE: This service is reserved for contracted seasons grass cutting customers only 

Original BushMaster Intuitive Pruning Trimming Shrubs method by PCU Enterprises. Serving Biddeford, Saco, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Wells, Maine.

Pruning Trimming Shrubs utilizing The Original BushMaster Intuitive method has no equal. So; discover the difference for yourself! If you want your gardens to stand out in your neighborhood, give it a try! Moreover; there’s no pruning method we know of that will transform your garden shrubs like BushMaster. So; you owe it to yourself to hire P.C.U. Enterprises Lawn and Grounds Maintenance pruning service.

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Others Try To Imitate – Accept No Substitute!

There is no substitute for the “Original BushMaster Intuitive Pruning Method.” Moreover; P.C.U Enterprises Lawn and Grounds Maintenance developed this service. So; why would you trust a copycat of the original?

Yes; it’s true, we have observed that many of our competitors and others have attempted to duplicate our original service. Also; this distinct service was developed over 25 years ago by PCU Enterprises. Remember; There is only one BushMaster Intuitive Pruning Method. Consequently; some say that competitor envy is a good thing. But; we see it as a lack of originality and creativity on their part. Yes; some say that to imitate the original work of others is the most excellent form of flattery. Fact is; trying to capitalize on someone else’s creativity is a form of theft. Never Accept a Substitute for The Original. For this cheapens the originators brand and rewards the thief.

We at PCU Enterprises Lawn and Grounds Maintenance have maintained and beautified Lawn and Landscapes since 1984. Similarly; serving the Greater York County area over 35 years has had its rewards. We have been innovators at our trade since the beginning. And have done more than our share of working in the trenches. So; guess what? We’re just getting warmed up! Finally; if time in service, originality and hands-on experience matters to you – give us a Call Today!

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