Lawn Care Wells Maine

Lawn Care Wells Maine 36 Years Serving Discerning Southern Maine

Lawn Care Wells Maine Provided by PCU Enterprises Lawn and Grounds Maintenance. Professional service Since 1984. Discover why Experience Matters!

PCU Enterprises has served the lawn care needs of Wells Maine for over 36 Years! So; if you believe experience matters, we would like to hear from you. Similarly; we enjoy serving the Lawn Care needs in Wells Maine and will work hard for you.

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No Nonsense Lawn Care

P.C.U. Enterprises Lawn and Grounds Maintenance not only brings 36 Years of experience to the forefront. Furthermore; we are a husband and wife team. So; this means personal service for our customers. Do you miss personal service?

Be reminded of what you have been missing; we invite you to give us a try. Moreover; you will experience lawn care simplified. Furthermore; you won’t have to tolerate new help because the owners are on the job. Yes; with PCU Enterprises Lawn and Grounds Maintenance, you won’t have to endure untrained labor. No; your grounds should never have to be a training ground for unskilled personnel. Also; for your peace of mind and ours, we are also insured.

Services Offered

We at PCU Enterprises Lawn and Grounds Maintenance offer a wide range of services. Because; Lawn Care customers in Wells Maine deserves all we can offer. So; here are just some of the services we provide you:

  1. Grass Cutting and Trimming: Utilizing state of the art Commercial Equipment
  2. Seasonal Grounds Cleanups: Offering meticulous service utilizing Professional Equipment
  3. Fertilizer Programs: Straight organic, Organic Based, or Straight fertilizer (No Pesticides)
  4. Lawn Overseeding / Renovation: For that finishing touch when building a beautiful turf
  5. Power Raking / Dethatching: To free up choking grass and help your lawn breath
  6. Edging: Garden Beds, Drives and walks
  7. Downed Tree Removal: Due to storms and disease
  8. Weeding Garden Beds: To improve aesthetics and plant health
  9. Mulching Garden Beds: For beautifying beds and better retain moisture
  10. BushMaster Intuitive Pruning and Trimming: Original and unique service developed by PCU


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Call Us Today At (207) 499-2617 or (207) 205-7469

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