Lawn Care Services Kennebunk Maine

Lawn Care Kennebunk Maine – Serving a Beautiful Town 36 Years!

PCU Enterprises Proudly serving Lawn Care Kennebunk Maine needs since 1984! Call us today for Prompt, Professional, Personal service to Southern Maine.

We at PCU Enterprises are pleased to do Lawn Care in Kennebunk Maine. Moreover; we look forward to returning to customers annually since we’ve served some for many years. And, we also anticipate taking on new clients annually.

Also; we work in many other Southern Maine communities spanning over 35 Years! But clearly; performing Lawn Care services in Kennebunk Maine has left a lasting impression upon us. Furthermore; we have found that the average Kennebunk Maine customer is discerning, and appreciates good value. So; we at P.C.U. Enterprises offer a full range of services. And we’re dedicated to providing the Lawn Care needs of the Kennebunk community.

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Kennebunk Maine Lawn Care Services Offer

At PCU Enterprises Lawn and Grounds Maintenance, we offer a wide range of services. Besides; it has always been a goal to be a “one-stop shop” for our customers. We trust you’ll find the choices offered to be both convenient and complimentary to most any yard. Moreover; the selection listed below have been carefully selected to save our customers time and expense. Time saved searching for contractors to do individual jobs is priceless.

  • Grass cutting & trimming
  • Fall grounds cleanups
  • Spring grounds cleanups
  • Fertilizer programs
  • Lawn: Over-seeding – Renovation – Dethatching
  • Edging of beds
  • Downed tree removal
  • Weeding garden beds

 Landscape Services

  • Mulching beds
  • Garden Installations

Specialty Services

Bushmaster Intuitive Pruning and Trimming

Beneficial Insects

Other Communities Served

While providing Lawn Care in Kennebunk, Maine is rewarding to us; we do serve many other communities. Additionally; we are blessed to have customers in places that offer diversity. So; feel free to review other areas we serve from year to year.

  • Biddeford
  • Saco
  • Old Orchard
  • Scarborough
  • Kennebunkport
  • Wells
  • Sanford
  • Springvale
  • Alfred
  • Waterboro
  • Buxton
  • Ogunquit

Keeping It Simple

Fact; at P.C.U. Enterprises, the owners are on the job.
We are a husband and wife team who prefer to keep it that way. Moreover; simplicity ensures that we continue our commitment to good old-fashioned service. Besides; we have no day laborers, part-timers, or workers with no experience. Also; we have no interest in the pursuit of such compromises. Also; since we are such sticklers for quality – this approach fits our business model entirely.  Because; we have been on both sides of that fence, and we much prefer to keep life simple.

Fact is; Working with us for any length of time, customers realize we’re not super high tech. You will never see our face embedded in an I phone or texting as though our life depended on it. Additionally; Our landline is still our best phone. Furthermore: The U.S. Postal Service is our primary mail, not e-mail.

Service The Way It Used To Be

Why do we shun high technology to a degree? It’s simple; we believe it’s shortsighted to withhold our patronage to institutions that have built this country. If we discard our landlines in favor of cell phones, we harm the telephone company. Take a look at the size of phone books these days, and you’ll know this is true. If we discard the mail system in favor of e-mail  – who gets harmed? So you see; Good old fashioned service is our strength and business model. Furthermore; Simplicity equals sanity in a world spinning out of control making technology into some God.

If you like our back to the basics approach to business – Great, similarly; if you don’t care for our plan, it’s still Great. Because we believe you as a customer will still benefit by our business model regardless of your preference and opinion.

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Lawn Care in Kennebunk Maine is just one of many communities served by us. Additionally; we at PCU Enterprises Lawn and Grounds Maintenance also serve other towns like Kennebunkport, Wells, Biddeford, Saco, Lyman, Alfred, Waterboro, Buxton, Scarborough and other areas in York and Cumberland Counties.

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